Ethan Robillard


Executive Assistant



Ethan was born in San Antonio, Texas, but grew up in Elgin, Illinois with his father, a professional in the roofing industry. Ethan began working with Premier Group in March 2020, intending to follow his father’s footsteps into the roofing industry. Ethan was given the option of becoming a laborer. However, when presented with the opportunity to be Gabriel’s personal assistant, he jumped at the chance. Since then, Ethan has worked long and hard to climb up the corporate ladder and prove himself as an invaluable asset to Premier.

Ethan is the Executive Assistant, better understood as Gabriel’s “right hand”, a job that comprises two crucial roles. Foremost, Ethan acts as the Assistant General Manager in Premier. This role consists of assisting Gabriel in all aspects of improving the company. He specializes in finding creative solutions to IT problems and general problem solving to issues within the company. Further, he creates and implements all new systems, processes, and forms to systematize quality and maximize efficiency. Second, Ethan acts as the Bid Manager for Premier Group; managing his lead estimator, coordinating compliance documentation, building relationships with subcontractors, and bidding on CDB roofing projects throughout Illinois, with plans to expand into federal bidding this year.

Ethan lives in Carol Stream, with his roommate a fellow member of Premier. In his spare time, Ethan enjoys creating checklists and schedules that help him stay organized and on task. Further, he is passionate about listening to music, meditation, yoga, improving his skills in Muy Thai, cycling, dancing, writing and performing music, going to the gym, practicing the drums and trumpet, journaling, finding great podcasts, painting, drawing, writing poetry, building his investment portfolio, getting quality sleep, attending music festivals, camping, cooking and cruising. However, there is nothing Ethan loves more than reading an excellent book in the fields of peace, consciousness, business, or habit formation and creation.

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