Michael Poblete


Field Superintendent



As a Field Manager for Premier Group Michael oversees field operations across the Midwest region. Before joining the team at Premier Group, Micheal earned his roofing license in Illinois and worked as a Foreman on commercial and residential projects throughout Illinois where he developed key leadership and analytical skills. In 2015 Michael joined Premier Group as a Project Manager responsible for coordinating, evaluating and managing field employees. His passion for people and his eye for detail helped Micheal quickly advance to the senior role he has today.

When he’s not traveling across the midwest managing technicians in the field you’ll find Micheal at home with his wife, 2 children, and 2 dogs. In his extra time Michael enjoys applying his strong instincts and business knowledge to evaluating stocks and investing in the stock market. As the proud owner of 3 different types of grills, Micheal considers himself something of a Grill Master and his family agrees. He’s also a health and fitness enthusiast, and a huge fan of Formula 1 racing.

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