Yessenia Saravia


Payroll Supervisor



Yessenia received her degree in Administration, Marketing, and Publicity in 2016 from Científica del Sur. She joined our team in 2018 and utilized her knowledge and organizational skills as an Office Assistant.

Because of her diligence and commitment, Yessenia earned the opportunity to hone her skills in our construction department, gaining valuable knowledge about the roofing industry.

She is currently the head of bookkeeping and payroll. This new role whetted her ambition, and she successfully opened her own business, Meta Solutions LLC.

Yessenia credits Premier Group’s support for her current success. She says, “As continuous improvement is always the main goal, me and Premier Group will continue to grow together.”

Yessenia lives in Lakemoor, IL, with her beloved husband and beautiful daughter, where they built an amazing and loving home. They love to spend time together cooking, watching tv shows, and enjoying the outdoors.

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