Do You Need A New Roof?


Your roof is what keeps you and your belongings safe. It protects your home and your family. But, like everything else, it doesn’t last forever. Sometimes, you can get by with repairs, but not always.

Your roof should last a long time, so if you recently bought an older home or you think you have roof issues, you may need to replace your roof. Here are a few signs to tell you if you need a new roof.

Leaks or Water Damage

If you can see damp patches on your ceiling or walls, then you likely have a leak. Water dripping from your ceiling or walls means you definitely have a leak.

When water or moisture has penetrated your roof, it will be in more places than where the leak is. The damage will often be extensive and you will need to replace the roof.

Sagging Ceilings

If you can see that parts of your roof are sagging down, then this is a sign you need a new roof. The sagging can be caused by moisture and it will eventually fall in completely.

It could be sagging because it simply doesn’t have the strength to hold itself up any longer. There could be damage from animals, termites, or it’s just worn out and is no longer safe.

Your Roof is Old

An old roof can’t do what it is meant to do. If your roof is 20 years old or more, then it is best to get the roof replaced. It can be dangerous to leave it just because it isn’t leaking or sagging.

Don’t wait for it to start leaking. An old roof could completely collapse if it gets a lot of snow, rain, or hail. Your roof can completely cave in or pieces of it can fly off.

Missing Granules or Shingles

If you notice that there are granules missing from your shingles, then they need to be replaced. The granules get worn off from the weather or if they are poor quality shingles.

There may even be entire shingles missing or broken. This allows moisture to get in and that will cause a lot more damage. They may have been knocked off during a storm or they may be decaying.

Light Shining Through

When near the roof, like in your attic you can see sunlight shining through the roof boards, then your roof needs to be replaced. This is a sure sign your roof is damaged.

It could be from missing shingles, rot, or even large exposed holes in the roof. There is a great possibility there is moisture damage in there, as well. The roof will need to be inspected and replaced.

Mold or Moss

Large patches of moss or mold on your roof are a sure sign of mixture and water damage. This means the wood and other materials have been wet long enough for the bacteria to grow and set in.

Once you notice it, you should get an inspection right away. There could be extensive damage underneath where you see the mold or moss. There is a chance it could only be surface damage.

Too Many Repairs

You can only patch and repair your roof so many times. If you have been trying to make repairs to extend the life of the roof, there comes a time when it will no longer be feasible.

Regular inspections will help to keep your roof in better shape, as there can be problems that you are not aware of until the damage is beyond repair. Contact us to inspect your roof or for more information.

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