Full Roof Replacement Vs. Repair


Property owners and contractors know that a failure to maintain the life of their roof can cause significant long term damage to their property, such as through water penetration into the decking due to lack of maintenance.

As the lifespan of a roof comes towards an end or due to a lack of maintenance your roof will begin to cause trouble. This creates the dilemma of knowing whether it’s time to perform a full replacement on the roof, or if a temporary repair will do. This article will cover some steps you can take to determine which option is best for you!



One of the most integral considerations when deciding whether to repair or replace your roof is the price. Due to the crisis in the prices of roofing material, it makes more sense for a contractor or property owner to opt for roof repair instead of complete replacement. However, as we will cover in the damage section: often a repair is only a short term solution (3 months – 2 years).

When deciding whether to replace your roof or repair it is important to note that there is also the option of roof overlays. These types of roofs are ideal since they don’t break the bank and come with a warranty of up to 20 years. Moreover, overlays are faster to install, and thus can minimize interruptions to your business.

Turnaround Time and Business Interruption

Generally, a commercial roof installation is labor-intensive activity and can take even months to be completed. Depending on the nature of the business in your commercial property, you can conduct some repairs during the busy months and wait until a period when full replacement will be less disruptive. Since commercial roof repairs have a shorter turnaround time, they may give you time to plan for a full roof installation at a time when the business will be slow.

The extent of the Damage

As a contractor or property owner, deciding whether you should fix the roof or install a new one should be based on the extent of the damage. A roof inspection should be performed to determine the extent of the damage. A repair cannot solve the same problems that an overlay can, and an overlay cannot solve the same issues that a full replacement can. This is why it is imperative to ensure you are hiring only the best when it comes to the most expensive aspect of your property.

If your commercial building is experiencing problems and you’re in a dilemma about whether to replace or repair it, just consider the factors mentioned earlier. While your commercial roof is an ideal candidate for any of the two solutions, it’s up to you to go with the one that makes more sense. Think of whether you have the proper budget, possible business interruptions and most importantly the extent of the damage.

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