Getting Your Roof Winter-Ready


With another winter on its way, it is time to start preparing our buildings for the cold months. We may forget to winterize our commercial buildings, but it is important that they are ready, too.

Flat roofs, in particular, can take quite a beating over the winter. Moisture can pool and then freeze, which can pass on problems and damage to the rest of your building.

Winterizing Your Commercial Roof

It’s always best to find and take care of roof problems before they get too bad. It’s a lot less expensive, as well.

Get Your Roof Cleaned

The first thing to do is to have a professional come out to clean the roof. There can be a lot of debris that ends up there. Leaves, garbage, bags, or even broken branches.

It is impossible to find any problems or make repairs if the roof is covered with garbage and leaves. There may even be an animal infestation that you were unaware of. They will check the eaves and drainage system, as well.

Get Your Roof Inspected

Get a professional out to look your roof over for any damages, leaks, cracks, or anything else that can lead to problems over the cold months. You want to make sure there are no serious problems or any mold growing, as well.

They will be able to see any damage or potential damage that is there so you can make sure it doesn’t get any worse. This will include ventilation and drainage.

Buildings lose a lot of heat through the roof, which can cause snow and ice to melt, even when it is freezing outside. An inspection will make sure your insulation is okay and doing what it is supposed to be.

Snow may seem light when it is falling but it is heavy when it sits on your roof for several months. That extra weight can be enough to cause some serious damage if there are weak areas on the roof.

Get Your Roof Repaired

Get the repairs completed, even if you think they will be okay until spring. The cold and ice can do a lot more damage to your roof. Snow melts and then freezes again, which can seep into cracks and holes making a real mess of the roof and insulation underneath.

When the snow or ice melt, is may pool where it sits, leaking through to the inside of the building. Once it freezes again, it expands, making a far bigger mess and problem for your roof.

This means any places where animals may have set up home, made a mess, or caused damage. The roof’s coating should be in good repair and fixed where needed.

If there are rooftop ventilation, windows, or skylights, they need to be checked out and make sure they are sealed up. You can lose a lot of heat through these, as well.

Prevention is the Best Cure

Investing in your roof annually will make sure any problems are small ones. It is way more expensive to make repairs when some small problems have been allowed to go too far.

It’s also difficult to make repairs in the winter. That’s why fall is a great time to get on top of these matters and get your roof ready for winter. You want to avoid having any big repairs in the coldest months.

If you take care of your roof, it will take care of you. Avoid letting damages get the best of you and your roof. Book an inspection and get the roof professionally cleaned at least once a year.

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