How To Deal With Roof Leaks Until Professional Repairs Can Be Done


Discovering a leak in your roof is never good news. It never happens at a convenient time so you often need to scramble around to try to stop it the best you can.

You need to call a professional right away, but they can’t always be there when you discover the leak. Ignoring the leak is never an option, but you can take measures to minimize the damage.

Taking Care of Roof Leaks

It’s important to remember that where you are seeing water dripping is not necessarily where the leak is. The damage could be in another part of the roof and traveling around, causing extensive damage.

Move Items

When you discover a leak, even if there is no water dripping down, remove any items directly underneath the damp patch or drip. Move all furniture and clothing from the area, as it can cause mold to grow.

If you have carpet or hardwood under the leak, put down something to cover it if it can’t be moved. Use something like a tarp or plastic to keep it from getting any wetter than it may already be

Contain the Water

Put a bucket or pan down to catch the water. If the leak is significant, then make sure you have a larger container, like a garbage can, and have a few ready for backup, as well.

Put towels or mats down to keep the water from spreading and be sure to dump the containers regularly to avoid spilling or an overflow. This can lead to more damage that you don’t want.

Relieve the Pressure

If you can see a large pocket of water in your ceiling, break it open. Make sure the water will be caught in something below, but it is better to relieve the pressure as it can spread and become worse.

Use a screwdriver or something that will puncture the pocket. Have a bucket ready to catch the water. Check other rooms for similar pockets or leaks as they may have spread to other areas

Cover the Leak

If it is raining or the leak is coming from melting snow or ice, try to clear the roof with a tarp or sheets of plastic. This may not always be possible but it can help prevent more water from getting in.

If the repairs can not be done for a while, it is best to try and cover the area while it is raining. If the rain has stopped, let the sun warm it and it will help to dry it out.

Seal the Leak

If you are unable to get your roofing contractor out right away, you can try to seal the leak on the roof with roofing cement. Cover the area where the leak is and then keep it covered with the tarp.

You can use rubber or caulking to try to seal the leak. If you can see there are shingles missing, try covering the area with plastic or something that will stay in place, then cover it with your tarp or sheet of plastic.

Roof Leaks 

Keep an eye on the leaks from inside until the repairs or roof replacement is due. Try to avoid using the room and be vigilant about looking for other damp patches in other rooms on the ceiling and the walls.

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