Recover Your Roof With Coats


The roof of your home or business property is vital to energy efficiency, damage control, and protection. When it gets damaged, it is important to get it fixed right away.

But fixing a small patch or section of the roof is only fixing a part of the problem. To keep your roof in good repair means treating the entire roof. That is why you need to consider coating your roof.

Benefits of Roof Coating

There are a few different types of coatings, each with their own merit. The one you choose will largely depend on your climate, the building, and your budget.

Reduce Energy Consumption

With the roof coated and sealed, you lose less heat in winter and need to run the air conditioner in the hotter months. Leaky roofs cost a lot of money. You need less energy to maintain the building when it is coated.

Protects Roof and Building

A coated roof will seal up any leaks, holes or damaged areas. This means once it is coated, there will be far fewer damages and leaks. Seams, tears, or fasteners that are damaged will be completely sealed up.

Go Green

Expending less energy is good for the environment and good for your energy bills. It can also add to your reputation to your customers, vendors, and the company name itself.

Restoration coatings act as a reflector and can return 88% of UV rays back into the atmosphere, keeping your building cool and saving you money on energy bills.

Coating the roof also means you are not tearing it off and adding more debris to a landfill. It also means you are not needing new materials to replace the roof.

Extend the Life of Your Roof

Even if there are some minor problems with your roof, some repairs and a coating can extend the roof’s life for several years. This is far more energy-efficient and cost-effective for the building owner.

Increase Property Value

With a roof coating already in place, it will certainly be more appealing to someone looking to buy your building, if you are considering selling. It means the roof is secure and will not be a concern in their immediate future.

The Restoration Process

When you are getting your roof coated, we cover all the bases. First, we do a detailed history of your roof. We look at past damages, claims, repairs so we know what we are up against and what will work best for you.

Then we inspect your existing roof system to see what needs attention first. Once we identify all or any of your roofing problems, we do all the repairs needed for the membrane and seam deviations.

Once we are satisfied all leaks and damages are repaired, we prepare and power-wash the roof surface. This removes any type of debris that can get sealed in and cause further damages.

Often, a power-wash is enough but we may need to apply a coat of primer first. This helps the coating stick to the surface much better. When that is done, we then apply restoration coating. This is done quickly and efficiently and sprayed directly and evenly to the roof.

After, we inspect the entire roof to make sure it is in compliance with the manufacturer’s specifications. We also like to make sure it was coated completely and there were no other areas that need attention.

Save Time and Money

It is important to the entire building that your roof be in great shape. Repairing small problems individually only helps for a while. Before long, you will find another leak, another damaged area.

Flat roofs hold water, snow, debris, and get damaged when things fall on them. Trees close by can cause damage if their limbs break off or even dropping sap or leaves.

Having the roof coated will prevent leaks from happening, even when there is water on it. It seals the entire roof and keeps the roof and contents inside, safe. If snow is melting quickly on your roof, that is an indication too much heat is escaping.

The same with summer months, when you are cooling the building but it is all rising up to the roof and escaping. Coating the roof will keep the heat and cool air where it is meant to be.

It is much more cost-effective to get your roof repaired and sealed rather than replacing the entire thing. It saves on energy consumption and the cost of using those.

This means the heating and air conditioning don’t need to work as hard, either. That will extend their lifespan, as well. When you get your roof coated, you are saving money for many years ahead.

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