Solar Panels And Roofing: Is It Worth It?


There’s a lot of debate in commercial roofing. What’s the best material to use? How long should a commercial roof be expected to last? The list goes on. One of the most heated debates of all, however, is the one concerning solar panels. Is it worth it to have solar panels installed on a commercial roof? If you own a commercial building and are curious about the pros and cons of solar panels, you’re in for a treat here’s a quick overview to point you in the right direction.

Are Solar Panels Worth the Investment for Commercial Property Owners

Any time you bring up solar panels on commercial roofing there’s going to be at least one person that decides to argue over the initial cost of the panels and installation. The keyword here is initial. Although the initial cost might be substantial, it’s a one-time cost, that’s it. Solar panels start paying themselves off the minute that you have them installed.

Of course, the solar panels won’t pay themselves off right away, it’ll take some time before you recover your investment, but recover it you will. Unlike other investments that come with associated risks having solar panels installed on a commercial roof is a risk-free investment. It’s one of the few investments in which you are practically guaranteed to make money. More specifically, you will save money, a lot of it.

In order to give yourself a clear idea of how much money you’ll save by having solar panels installed on the rooftops of your commercial buildings, just tally up how much you spend on energy annually.

Another advantage to having solar panels on a commercial building is that you can leverage them to benefit your brand by giving it a green, environmentally sustainable image.

Commercial Properties Outfitted with Solar Panels Are Worth More

Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons why you should opt for solar panels is the fact that commercial property with solar panels installed are worth more than buildings that don’t have them. This means that when you have solar panels installed on a commercial roof, it effectively increases the value of the property as a whole by increasing the value of the building.

The Big Picture, Solar Panels Are Worth Having on Commercial Buildings

In the end, there aren’t many cons to having solar panels installed on a commercial building, especially in a place with lots of sunshine year round, like Homestead. Aside from the initial cost, there isn’t really anything else to it other than occasional maintenance and repairs. Maintaining solar panels doesn’t present much of an expense and the energy savings dwarf the nominal cost of any repairs that will need to be done over time.

Overall it would appear that it is indeed worth having solar panels installed on a commercial building. Having the solar panels installed will save you a great deal of money on energy costs and will also increase the value of your property.

As it turns out, there are even more benefits to having solar panels on a commercial structure. By having solar panels installed on a commercial building, you can qualify for a Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC). Between the tax credit and the extra cash flow from all of the money you’ll be saving on energy cost, you’ll come to realize just how advantageous solar panels can be for commercial property owners.

Look for a Qualified Installer for Solar Panels

The next step is to find a qualified contractor to install the solar panels on your commercial building. Finding the right outfit to perform the installation is essential to maximizing the return on your investment.

Once you’ve found the right company to do the installation you should move forward right away, the sooner your solar panels are installed, the faster they’ll start saving you money.

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