What Happens When The Insurance Company Denies My Claim


Policyholders take great pride in the fact that they own their property. You work hard to pay your taxes, pay your bills, and be responsible over your property. At the end of the day, being able to enjoy the benefits of your hard work makes it all worth it. Unfortunately, at some point in their lives, most property owners will have to file an insurance claim to pay for repairs on damages to their roof. What happens when your insurance company denies that claim? You’re about to find out!

Filing an Insurance Claim for Damage to Your Roof

Roofing can get damaged in any number of ways, and as the years go by, the risk of sustaining roof damage goes up. Your roof could be damaged by a hail storm, thunderstorm, or even heavy winds. When tree branches and other forms of debris fly into your roof at high speeds, it can cause some serious damage.

Whatever the cause of the damage, you’re going to need it repaired and you’ll naturally want to be remunerated by your insurance company. After going through the motions, documenting the damage, and filing the paperwork you’ll be expecting your insurance company to cough up the money for the repairs. After all, you’ve spent your hard earned money paying your insurance bill every month. Here’s what happens if the insurance company refuses to pay.

When an Insurance Claim for Roof Damage Is Denied

Insurance companies are frequently called out to investigate and pay for claims that are submitted. The majority of cases are denied. In other cases, the insurance company pays the bare minimum for repairs leaving the policyholder with a hefty out of pocket expense.

Premier Group has the knowledge, resources, and expertise to assist you and get a denial or minimum allocation of funds to be overturned without having to take on the extra cost of hiring an attorney.


Marvel Group

The claim in our example involved wind damage. The customers in our example had experienced leaks in their manufacturing plant. As most policyholders do not want to make a claim, and they call their maintenance roofer to repair the damages but those repairs continue to fail.

We offered them a free assessment and recommended opening their claim. After the customers agreed, our team started working with them by performing temporary repairs to protect their property so they can continue to live in safety and comfort.

Premier Group worked with their insurance carrier and adjusted their original offer of $30,000 and installed a green roof to give our customers peace of mind for the next 25 years.

How to Fight a Rejected Insurance Claim for Roof Damage

When your insurance company rejects your claim for roof damage there are a few things that you can do. First of all you will need to carefully document everything that pertains to your claim. That means that in addition to documenting the damage itself both in writing and with pictures, you will also need to document all correspondence with your insurance company. Be as detailed as possible, every bit helps. Record all of your phone calls with your insurance reps and keep copies of everything.

After a claim has been rejected, ask your insurance company for a detailed explanation for why they rejected your claim. It is imperative that you ask for the insurance company’s explanation to be delivered in writing. Once you have received a written explanation of why your claim was denied, grab a cup of coffee and read through your insurance policy. Look for anything in the insurance company’s explanation for rejecting your claim that is contradicted by what is written in your policy.

Looking for these kinds of details is hard work and it takes some savvy thinking. Many folks end up seeking advice from an attorney and pay a lot of money to have them interpret their policy. The problem with this approach is that lawyers cost a lot of money and you might end up spending more than you should.

You can get around all of this and give yourself the best chance of overturning a rejected insurance claim without burning a hole through your pocket by working with Premier Group.

We care about our customers and are committed to making sure that you receive the reimbursement that you deserve. The experts at Premier Group have the talent, the skill, and the dedication to take on your insurance company and make it right.

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