What Is An Emergency Roof Repair And What To Do When You Need One


When you need an emergency roof repair, it never happens when it is convenient. It usually happens when it’s the last thing you need. But, it is something that will need attention right away.

Depending on the weather and the extent of your damages, you still have a few options. The first step is to not panic. It’s an inconvenience but it isn’t a problem that can’t be solved.

What is an Emergency Roof Repair?

An emergency roof repair is what your roofing contractor does to stop any further damage to your roof and home. If your roof is leaking or falling in, then you need to take action now.


Hail, rain, wind, snow, and ice can all do a lot of damage to your home. Shingles can become loose and get knocked off, branches, trees, or other debris can land on your roof and that can mean trouble.

Larger items falling on your roof can create large holes or destroy sections of it completely. Accompany this damage with rain and you have a massive problem. Large masses of snow and ice can also damage your roof.

If shingles or tiles are blowing off your roof, this can be a potential problem on the ground. They can fly around causing other damage or injury. They can break windows, kill plants, and hurt people.


A fire can not only damage your roof but it can remove it entirely. Water damage from the emergency team will make matters even worse. The rest of the roof will be compromised.

Even if you don’t think the damage is extensive, you shouldn’t remain in the home. The roof can come down at any time. Add weather conditions to a weakened roof and it can spell disaster.

What To Do When You Need Emergency Roof Repair

If you find yourself in a situation where you need emergency roof repair, don’t delay. Even if you don’t think it is an emergency, you shouldn’t take chances. Moisture is always a problem.

Call The Pros

If you are experiencing a leak, even a mild one, you need to take action right away. The first step is to call a roofing contractor. Most companies have an emergency service available.

They can come out and quickly assess the damage. They will be able to make repairs on your roof until further repairs can be made or you get your roof replaced.

They will make an inspection and let you know what to do next. They can tell you the extent of the damage and even whether your home is still safe to remain in or if you need to vacate.

They will also tell you what your options are moving forward. They will be able to tell you if you can get away with a few repairs or if you will need to have the entire roof replaced.

Act Fast

As a homeowner, put out receptacles to trap the water, if needed, and try to cover or limit the damaged area. Water spreads throughout the roof or walls rapidly, so it’s important that this handles quickly.

You should also call your homeowner’s insurance company. They can let you know what your options are from a financial and safety standpoint. If you are required to move out of the home, they may be able to help you.

Don’t try to patch the ceiling yourself. The water will just move and come in from another area. Put a bucket down underneath where the water is coming in and call your roofing contractor.

They will also tell you details of your homeowner’s policy and what they cover when it comes to roof damage repair or replacement. This should all be covered with your insurance policy.

Choose a Qualified Contractor

It’s important you find a qualified and trusted roofing contractor. Your insurance company may have connections there. If you don’t know anyone, ask around. Of course, if you are in a crisis, then time is of the essence.

But that doesn’t mean you should just call the first one listed. Find a company that has a long history in your community and a name you recognize. Check their insurance, licenses, and credentials.

People will contact you if they know about your situation just looking to make a quick buck. Your roof repairs are expensive for a reason.

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