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Importance of a Preventive Roof Maintenance

Your roof is one of the most important aspects of your property. A preventive maintenance program can address and find issues with your roof before they become a costly repair. Overall, roofs that have a preventive maintenance program cost less than those without them. When looked at over 15 years, roofs cost an average of $0.25 per square foot, but with a preventive maintenance program, they cost just $0.14 cents per square foot. Plus, when you invest in a preventive maintenance program, your roof lasts an average of 21 years, which is 8 years longer than normal.

Preventive roof maintenance allows for a planned approach to managing your roof, which in turn, saves you money. It’s also recommended by the NRCA.

How To Sign Up For Preventive Roof Maintenance Plan With Premier Group:

Schedule a Free Inspection

Premier Group will inspect your roof for free, testing the integrity of the roof.


Receive a Detailed Report

Our inspection includes a comprehensive report of your roofing system.


Choose Your

Choose between 3 monthly plans to best suit your needs.


Other companies will charge anywhere from $200-$400 to inspect tar, gravel, and shingles. However, we do a completely free preventive roof inspection.

We always start with a free inspection so we can understand what condition your current roof is in. This helps us figure out which maintenance program is right for you. During each inspection our team:

Checks the drainage system

Inspects the flashing for any gaps or tears

Ensures the vents and all other equipment are sealed

Seals up seams with caulking to prevent moisture penetration

Checks the parapet walls for leaks

Without an inspection, you roof could be in danger of serious damage. Sign up below to get your completely FREE roof inspection to see whether or not your roof is keeping your property safe.

Program Levels

We offer three distinct packages to cover every type of roof.



  • One inspection annually
  • 24-hour emergency repair credit of $250
  • .35c/SF


  • Two inspections annually
  • 24-hour emergency repair credit of $500
  • .50c/SF


  • Three inspections annually
  • 24-hour emergency repair credit of $750
  • .70c/SF

Maintenance Package Estimator

Client Benefits Of Preventive Roof Maintenance

When a roof is maintained from the beginning, they often outlast their warranties. Your roofing company may also extend their warranty if they know that you have a preventive roof maintenance program.

Having regular inspections done is a great way to find minor repairs early on, ensuring that they don’t become major repairs. It can save you money and time in the long run! Each time we come out to inspect your property, we’ll give you a detailed report. We’ll go over anything concerning we find as well as provide photographs of each problem.

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