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Big Rig Oil



Commercial Roof Replacement

The Big Rig Oil mechanic shop in Chicago caters mostly to trucks and specializes in their care and maintenance. Years of successful business meant their wash station was in serious need of repair. Over the years the rough chemicals used to wash the trucks began to corrode the metal beams and cause the deck to deteriorate, making it a hazard if not replaced.

That’s where Premier Group stepped in to create a solution.

We began by removing all roofing layers and detaching shop signs. Next, we removed and disposed of the old metal deck and beams, replacing them with new ones. We coated the deck and beams with anti-corrosion paint that will protect the roof and metal structures for the next 20 years. Finally, we installed a new green roof, and reset the shop signs so the Big Rig Oil would be ready for business.

Roof details: