Insurance Claims

Carpet Corner



Commercial Roof Replacement

When the owner of the Carpet Corner furniture store on Ashland avenue noticed leaks in her roof she called Premier Group and scheduled a free introductory assessment of her property. She explained that she had owned the building for many years and that it had been quite some time since it had seen a thorough inspection. We conducted a detailed assessment of the entire roofing system to determine if the roof could be repaired or if it needed to be changed entirely.

After our inspection, our technicians informed the owner that although her roof was certainly very old, the leading cause of her issues in the roof was that it had suffered hail damage from a heavy storm. We documented the areas that were damaged when the hail struck the building and presented a comprehensive report to the owner. The building owner decided to hire Premier Group to represent her interests to the insurance company and our Public Adjusters filed a claim with her carrier. After 2 months in negotiation with her insurance carrier, an agreeable settlement was reached which replaced her entire roof with a new TPO 30-year roof. Premier Group removed several layers of old roofing before restoring the deck and installing a new energy-efficient roof that will help her save money on bills and give her peace of mind for decades.

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