Insurance Claims

Dante Terrace



Commercial Roof Replacement

What first steps did Premier Group take?

Our first step upon being contacted by the owner was to schedule an inspection of the building by a HAAG certified specialist and Licensed Public Adjuster. Our initial exterior inspection revealed wind damage to the roofing membrane located around the parapet walls. A comprehensive report was made, including images of all damaged areas.

How severe was the damage?

When we inspected the building’s interior we immediately noticed signs of damage. The paint was peeling off the walls, the drywall rotting from water damage, and the damp conditions had caused a fungus to grow in several locations. We documented the degree of damage in each area with photographs of the details.

What was the process like?

Our client was unaware of what benefits were included under their insurance policy. We reviewed their policy and benefits and discovered they were entitled to payments for repairs. We filed a claim for our clients which their carrier initially approved for $12,000. Not satisfied, we submitted the evidence of damage and our comprehensive report. With our experience in the field combined with our meticulous process we were able to negotiate with their insurance carrier to increase the settlement from $12,000 to $87,000.

With the larger settlement Premier Group was able to complete all needed repairs, including repairing the drywall, adding a 5.2 inch layer of insulation and installing a TPO membrane. We installed a new GenFlex roofing system with Firestone products and we included a 20 year no dollar limit warranty on all materials and work to give the property owners peace of mind. We were able to exceed expectations for our client, and provide them with solutions that will last a lifetime.

How long did the claim take from the beginning to end?

It took 6 months of negotiations from the date we filed the claim until we were able to reach an agreeable settlement. After that we were able to complete all the necessary repairs in 3 weeks of construction, bringing the building up to code and repairing all damages.

Roof details: