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Commercial Roof Replacement

The owner of GCOF Richland Center Food, a small shop located in a strip mall in Chicago’s Chinatown, had been dealing with multiple problems with his property’s roof all stemming from wind damage suffered during a storm in May 2018. A member of our sales team reached out to the owner informing him of severe wind damage in his area and suggesting he sign up for a free property evaluation. He agreed, and our detailed analysis of the roof revealed the source of the leaks as well as extensive storm damage to the roof. At the owner’s request, our team conducted a full investigation and report that included weather conditions, reparability of the roof, and current building codes and coverages under the policyholders’ current policy. Our report concluded that the roof had sustained too much damage to be repaired and would need to be replaced.

The insurance company approved $13,000 for the claim, which was significantly less than the amount needed for the replacement. They then delayed the claim for over a year while sending in various experts to deny aspects of the claim multiple times.

Together with our team of engineers, lawyers, and appraisers, Premier Group provided evidence to approve the claim for a full roof replacement and upgrade of approximately $500,000 with no out of pocket expense to the property owner other than the deductible. We installed 200 square feet of white self-adhered TPO green roofing with Genflex R-30 insulation and provided the owner with a 20-year manufacturer-backed warranty for the roof, materials, and labor. After one year of negotiation on the claim and 3 months of construction, the owner now has a brand new roof that will last for years and guaranteed maintenance and repair packages for the next 20 years.

Roof details: