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Mi Tierra



Commercial Roof Replacement

The Mi Tierra restaurant in Little Italy Chicago has been serving customers for years, unfortunately, over time the roof began to show signs of storm and wind damage. The owners cycled through several roofing companies in their efforts to address the damage over the past 5 years, each failing to find a long term fix to the leaks. From pesky patch-up jobs to an entire roof restoration nothing seemed to fix the issues, in fact, they grew worse and the leaking spread to multiple locations.

After speaking with one of our project managers, the owner received a full evaluation of his roofing system to determine the source of the issues. Our team traced the issue to its source, discovering that the leaks were not due to a roofing issue but rather poor wall design, improper insulation, and a lack of water proofing in the area. Premier Group coated the entire wall with waterproof paint and restored the insulation layer in the interior walls. We offered them a solution to a costly persistent problem and fixed the leaking issues without having to expend a great amount of money on changing his roof.

Roof details: