Insurance Claims

The Marvel Group, Inc.



Commercial Roof Replacement

When Marvel Group experienced leaks in their manufacturing plants they, like many policyholders, were reluctant to file a claim. Instead, a maintenance roofer completed makeshi repairs which failed repeatedly, causing further damage.

We conducted a free assessment of the property and recommended opening a claim based on the damage we observed. They agreed, and we began by temporarily repairing the area to protect the property and allow business to continue as usual.

We negotiated with their insurance carrier to reach a settlement, adjusting the original payment offer from $30,000 to a total of $2.4 Million for the final claim settlement. We installed new Firestone TPO green roofing systems on two manufacturing plants which allowed business to continue without interruption and will bring them peace of mind for the next 25 years.

Roof details:

Roof size: 105sq.
Slope type: low-slope
Original material: EDPM
Installed material: Firestone TPO “Green Roof”