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Commercial Roof Replacement

The Tupperware warehouse in Chicago has been owned by the same family for decades. Last year during the summer of 2019 a violent storm hit their area, causing severe damage to the commercial building. The building was left with water damage inside, and leaks made the issue even worse. Because the building is used every day to run a business it was crucial we make the repairs as soon as possible.

The family was able to contact one of our sales representatives through our referral program, and we set up an initial inspection for the property. We completed temporary emergency repairs on the roof and guided the owners through the process of restoring the roof. It came as a shock for them to learn that their roof was extremely old, and no longer up to code in several areas. We helped the owners negotiate a claim settlement with their insurance carrier that replaced not only the entire roof but brought the whole building up to code. This included installing insulation and fixing the exterior of the walls, as well as repairing the rotten deck. We utilized specialized equipment to complete the project, due to the height of the roof and the extreme state of the deck. In total, the project took 3 weeks to complete, and as a result, the Tupperware warehouse is the proud owner of a brand new modified bitumen roof that will last them a lifetime.

Roof details: