Villa Nova



Commercial Roof Replacement

In the summer of 2020, the beloved Villanova Pizzeria in Stickney Illinois suffered damage after sustaining rapid wind speeds of 80 mph during a storm. When the owner noticed leaks in the roof shortly after he called Premier Group for an inspection. Our post-inspection report revealed severe damage, and we helped the pizzeria’s owners to place a claim. At first, the insurance company returned with a low ball offer, agreeing to pay only for a patch-up repair job. However, due to the number of layers on the roof, repairs were not feasible. The roof would need to be completely replaced in order to remain safe from snow accumulation and collapse. We compiled our report findings, called in our experts, and presented the evidence of damage. Through reappraisal, we renegotiated the terms of the settlement securing the full roof replacement for our client that would bring the building up to code requirements. We installed a .60 MIL white TPO roofing system with 5.2 insulation that will keep the Villanova Pizzeria toasty for years to come.

Roof details: