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Residential Roof Inspections

Find out if your roof needs repairs before it becomes a problem by getting a roof inspection from Premier Group.

Fixing a broken roof can be expensive, and it can make it impossible to live in your home. But many roof problems can be spotted well in advance, giving you the chance to address them before they become too serious. However, to properly identify any issues, you need a professional roof inspection, one of many residential roofing services Premier Group is proud to offer.


You should get a roof inspection every one or two years, depending on where you live. If your area has harsh winters and lots of snow (like ours!), it’s a good idea to get it checked at least once every twelve months, or at least before the snow comes back.

But even those living in milder climates should still do an inspection every few years. After all, without a properly working roof, your home is no longer the comfy sanctuary it’s meant to be.


Since 2009, Premier Group has been helping build and repair roofs in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. We’ve seen all there is to see when it comes to roof problems. So, when we inspect your roof, not only can you be confident we will find any and all issues, but we will also work with you to come up with a repair plan to address the problems and fit your budget.

In the end, making sure your home is in tip-top shape is our number one concern. Get in touch today and schedule your roof inspection. You’ll be glad you did. For an instant quote on your roofing project, check out our new instant roofing quote tool!

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