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Commercial Roofing Contractor in Houston, Texas

With a reputation built on excellence and a commitment to quality, Premier Group stands as the go-to choice for all your commercial roofing needs in Houston. Our dedicated team of roofing experts brings years of experience and expertise to every project that we tackle so you know the job will be done right every time.

From roof installations and repairs to maintenance and inspections, we deliver top-notch services that protect your commercial building and give you peace of mind. At Premier Group, we understand the unique demands of the Windy City, and we are here to keep your commercial property protected with reliable, top-tier roofing solutions.

Commercial Roof Repairs

Your roof takes a beating over the years as it protects your building so it is not uncommon to need repairs eventually. Repairing your roof can extend its life before it needs to be replaced, saving you time and money. While other contractors may push you to replace your roof, Premier Group will offer repairs if they are feasible. 

No matter what type of roof you’ve got – whether it’s flat, sloped, metal, shingle, or something else entirely – we’ve got the know-how to handle it. From small repairs to bigger fixes, we’ll have your roof back in shape in no time. We understand that roofing issues can disrupt your business so we make sure our work is fast and dependable.

Ensuring your roof is repaired by professionals who don’t cut corners will help you avoid further issues and unnecessary future repairs. Premier Group guarantees all of our work so you can rest assured that any job that we do will be done correctly, the first time. 

Commercial Roof Replacements

Replacing a commercial roof in the bustling city of Houston can be a significant undertaking, but the benefits are worth the investment. Upgrading your roof not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your building but also provides several advantages.

Firstly, a new roof can improve energy efficiency, helping you save on heating and cooling costs. It also ensures better protection against storms, preventing leaks and water damage that can damage your property. A modern roof system can also increase the property value since it is attractive to potential buyers or lessees.

When it comes to such a complex project, hiring a reliable contractor like Premier Group is crucial. Our expertise, experience, and dedication to quality ensure a smooth and hassle-free process.

We understand that minimizing disruptions to your business operations is essential, and we work diligently to complete the job efficiently, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your business. With Premier Group, your commercial roof replacement in Houston will be a seamless and painless experience.

Commercial Roof Maintenance

Maintenance is a big part of extending the lifespan of your roof. By signing up for a Premier Group preventive maintenance plan, we will take care of everything for you! We will complete regular inspections to catch issues early and before simple fixes become more complex and expensive.

Another benefit of having Premier Group handle your roof maintenance is that if you need repairs or a replacement, our crew will already be familiar with all of the ins and outs of your roof. This makes our job easier and helps us ensure that when we are finished with our work, your roof will be just as it was, if not better than it was before.

After each visit, we will provide you with a detailed report of our findings including any potential issues that we see, photographs for reference, and recommendations for the best steps to take going forward. You’ll also have a credit that can go towards 24-hour emergency repairs should you need them.

Commercial Roof Inspections

Do you think you need an inspection or has it simply been a while since your last one? Premier Group is here to help! We have inspectors who can come to your building and provide a comprehensive inspection and report. Here are some of the things we check with every inspection:
  • Roofing vents
  • Gutters
  • Surface membranes
  • Roofing fields
  • Drainage pipes
  • Flashing
  • Roof edge
It is a good idea to have your roof inspected regularly, especially with the harsh weather that we see in Houston. Inspecting your roof, especially before winter, is a great way to guarantee that your roof is ready to handle the snow and wind. 

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